Bach Centre-approved International Bach Flower Training

The Bach International Education Program (BIEP) is the largest international provider of training courses approved by the Bach Centre in England, with courses offered in over 20 countries. This is the only training system endorsed, coordinated and overseen by the Bach Centre.

The program's teachers have been selected and trained by the followers of Dr. Bach's work, providing a unified global standard for those who wish to become expert in the knowledge of this floral therapy system, whose history and record of results have given it high acceptance worldwide.

BIEP courses are sponsored by Nelsons, the London-based international producer of homeopathic medicinal products. BIEP courses are taught by professionals registered with the Bach Foundation and are offered in a variety of venues, including holistic health centers, hotels and other conference centers. Levels 1 and 2 are usually offered as two-day intensive courses, while Level 3 begins with a four-day intensive course.

The program is based on a commitment to Dr. Bach's original philosophy and practices.

"Learn to use, learn how to help, learn to teach"

Dr. Bach believed that we are responsible for our own health and happiness, and he wanted to teach others to help themselves. He always published his findings promptly and shared his knowledge through lectures right up to the time of his death. That educational work has continued throughout the years. The Bach Centre works with partner organizations, including Nelsons, to offer courses on flower remedies that are fundamental, simple and open to all - as are the Bach Flower Remedies themselves.