Our teachers


Dr. Mikao Usui (1865 – 1926) established the foundations of the system known today as Reiki. An important succession sprang from these initial teachings. The names of the masters have been passed through the lineages down to the arrival of the teachings in the West.

  • Dr. Mikao Usui
  • Dr. Chûjirô Hayashi
  • Hawayo Takata
  • Phyllis Lie Furumoto
  • Patjack
  • Cheri Prasuhn
  • Carol Farmer
  • Leah Smith
  • William L. Rand
  • William C.S. Hauw
  • Sunil Samuel
  • Andrea Tohme

Satori Reiki Ecuador

Ecuadorian, received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a major in Family Therapy and Special Education from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara in Mexico. Traditional Reiki Master, graduated in India in 1998 under Master Sunil Samuel, who also certified her as a Karuna Reiki Master. In May 2006, she qualified as a Tera Mai Reiki and Magnified Healing® Master. She is also a Bach Flower Therapist, an Ayurvedic medicine practitioner and a Crimson Circle SES (Sexual Energy School) New Energy teacher. She has over twelve years’ experience in providing complementary therapies nationwide and conducting courses, seminars and lectures in Ecuador and abroad. She is the first Reiki Master in Ecuador to open an alternative therapy and therapist training center.