Satori - Reiki Ecuador
Inner Awakening for everyone, raising the consciousness level; bringing about health, quality of life, overall development and poise of the body, the emotions, the mind and spirit through innovative tools and training systems, with high standards of quality, commitment and a spirit of dedicated service to humanity.


To be among the major beacons of healing, holistic health and Inner Awakening nationwide and internationally, using traditional and universal therapies and systems, particularly Reiki, with the support of a highly committed, high-caliber group of skilled people with a spirit of service to the planet.


The fundamental goal of Reiki is to teach a way to SATORI, “Completeness or Spiritual Awakening”. This was the main motivation of Mikao Usui with regard to practitioners, and it is our goal, also, to offer a state of calm and perfect harmony to everyone who wants to enter into this discipline.